Student Money Match grew from a simple document, listing each university and their National Merit Scholar awards, to a full-fledged scholarship search engine. We are a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping students find the best scholarships and grants for their needs.

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The Who

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Joe is a National Scholar currently pursuing a PHD in computer science. Joe is interested in helping students simplify the scholarship application process.

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Ryan is a web developer interested in new and unique projects. Ryan is currently working on software in the fintech and education space.

The What

Student Money Match is a scholarship database created by students for students. We collect, validate, index, and organize scholarship awards and guides. Our platform is designed to help you find scholarships that you qualify for. Browse our directory like an e-commerce store. Find offers that fit your qualification and apply directly through the provider's website.

We require no personal data and provide this service for FREE.

The Why

Like most great ideas, Student Money Match began as an excel sheet. Joe created a document containing a collection of Universities and the associated award amounts for National Merit Finalists, Semifinalists, Commended and Recognition Scholars. Joe used this sheet to compare his options when applying to schools.

Joe began his college career and the excel doc found itself filed away deep in the archives of his computer. Upon completing his undergrad, he began looking for graduate opportunities. Similar to his undergrad search, he turned to google to find an updated index of scholarship opportunities available in graduate study. He found nothing, so he dusted off the old excel doc. Again, he slogged through university websites, updating his excel doc with the award amount for graduate programs.

Surprised that this information was still not publically accessible,, Joe felt inspired to share his work with other National Scholars and... Student Money Match was born.

After updating the data and purchasing the domain, Joe shared the information he had accumulated for each university and the award amount for National Merit Scholars under the domain of studentmoneymatch.com.

Small communities on Facebook and Reddit seemed to appreciate the work he had done. The site gained some consistent traffic and Joe contacted Ryan about re-designing the site in preparation for creating a more robust scholarship aid tool in the future.

We’ve just launched our updated site and are looking forward to implementing features like: school finder by PSAT score, and a no essay scholarship finder